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Myth & misconception about Homoeopathy

This is a wrong notion that arising from inadequate awareness of how Homoeopathy remedies work. What is to be known here is that these remedies work on the body and the mind together. In the case of chronic disease, a period of seven to ten days is generally enough to feel the perceptible difference, and in the case of acute ones, the positive effect can be experienced within the first few hours of taking the remedy. One should not overlook here that it all depends on the prescriber, the prescription and the prescribed-for. However, the period of treatment for complete restoration depends on diverse factors, the chronically and multiplicity of the complaint. Its recurrence, severity, past history, family history, age and general health of the patient, his response to the treatment, continuing physical, mental and psychological stress. And cooperation as an ally.

यदि लेख/समाचार से आप सहमत है तो इसे जरूर साझा करें