Homoeopathy pharmacies in India do not have trained pharmacy staff: Dr Kant

New Delhi/20.07.2018
More than ninety per cent of homoeopathy pharmacies across the India do not have qualified pharmacy staff – the reason, as pointed out by AYUSH Department is the absence of a formal training course. The situation forces hospital authorities to run pharmacies with unqualified staff, which is a matter of worry as chances are very high that the patients may get wrong medicines.
The Simpathy Institute, Badarpur, New Delhi has an only one Homoeopathic pharmacy Institute in Delhi to do the formal homeopathy pharmacy/Dispenser courses. But it is not enough to pull out the darkness.
“Once, after buying medicines from the Homoeopathic pharmacy, Patient came back to see the doctor to ask about the pattern of consumption. But, when the doctors saw the medicine, he came with Patient to the pharmacy and got some other medicines. Later, patient realised that the medicines given by the pharmacy staff were not the correct ones,” said Ansar Alam, a patient. When contacted the Director of Simpathy Institute Dr Kant, Said that there is a shortage of pharmacy staff in all homeopathy hospitals in India. “There is a course named DHP (Diploma in homoeopathic pharmacy) notified by the Govt.of Delhi or CHD (Certificate in homoeopathic dispensing) conducted by NIOS, are not enough to fulfil the shortage of Homoeopathic Pharmacist in India. It could only release 25 qualified pharmacists in a year against a huge demand of Homoeopathic Pharmacist.
The DHP (Diploma in homoeopathic pharmacy) notified by the Govt.of Delhi and approved by Board of homoeopathic system of medicine, The CHD (Certificate in homoeopathic dispensing) conducted by NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) and only allotted 25 seats per year to the Institute. Most of those are running with unqualified staffs. Homeopathy treatment has received a shot in the arm with the arrival of palliative care and revived cancer treatment facilities. More and more patients are becoming attracted to it. Shortage of staff in this context becomes a serious issue which demands utmost consideration. said Dr Kant.

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